Natural Soap To Promote Healthy Skin

When you think about natural soap, you think about ingredients that are free of chemicals. There are many different ingredients that you may find in natural soap products. They are the ingredients you will need to follow recipes to make such soap at home. They are also the ingredients you should look for on the labels. A product that has only a few ingredients in the best choice for either making at home or purchasing to use.

Lye is the core ingredient found in natural soap. Doesn’t matter if you are talking about what you purchase to use or what you make. The thought of lye though often brings to mind harsh soaps of the past. This isn’t the case though so don’t be nervous about this particular ingredient. It has gotten a tough reputation. Lye alone can be harsh but the pH balance changes when it is mixed with oils or fats.

Natural oils are common ingredients in such soaps. These oils help to replenish moisture to the skin. A lack of moisture allows the skin to get dry, flaky, and even crack. It can also result in the skin being itchy or burning. Coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are the most common that you will see used. Various butter products including cocoa butter and shea butter are also going to be seen.

Beeswax is a type of ingredient that you will often find used to make natural soap products. It allows the soap to harden and at the same time it offers it a great scent. This can eliminate the need to add fragrances to your natural soap products. You should only add a small amount of it if you make your own soaps. Too much of it will hinder the lathering abilities of the soap. If you do what a scented natural soap, consider using a few drops of essential oils. You can also use oatmeal or cornstarch.

Water is essential too for making of natural soap as it helps the lye and oils or fats to blend well. However, the water actually evaporates through the process so there isn’t any that is still in the soap that you make or the soap that you buy of all natural ingredients. You may notice that your bars of soap are smaller after they have cured for 4 or 6 weeks than when you first took them out of the moulds. This is due to the water evaporating from them.

If you plan to make your own natural soap, you want to add a type of antioxidant to it. This helps to prevent the soap from developing bacterial properties between the time when you make it and when you use it. There can be many months between when you make it and when you actually use a bar of such soap. The two main ingredients that are used as antioxidants include grape seed extract and rosemary oleoresin extract. Most people prefer the grape seed extract as it doesn’t create a scent for the soap.