One Year Commitment to a Drug Treatment Center

One Year Commitment to a Drug Treatment Center
A short term commitment to a drug treatment center often isn’t enough for someone with serious problems. There are facilities that take those that are willing to engage in a one year commitment. This is for those with a very serious drug habit and often those with additional needs such as pain management or mental health concerns.
Such a facility may be necessary for someone who didn’t remain drug free after outpatient treatment or after a short stay in a facility. Maybe the person has gotten worse instead of better and they are in danger of either ending the drug use or ending up in jail or even dead. Such outcomes are very grim and there has to be change that comes over time to ensure those aren’t the outcomes.
The idea is that it takes plenty of time for the brain and the body to stop craving drugs. Such an addiction is very difficult to end. It is a misconception that detox will end that craving. It can end the drugs in the body and the withdrawal symptoms but the person will still think about using regularly.
The key is for them to learn new behaviors and methods of controlling their triggers. Yet some people have hit rock bottom and they have numerous triggers. They don’t know where to start to make a clean slate and to move in a new direction. Drugs have consumed them personally and often professionally. They may have lost loved ones and even their jobs because of drug use.
A year is a very long time to be in a drug treatment center. However, for some individuals it is the only option that is going to work for them. The longer they are in the program, the higher the chances are of not going back to the drug use. The cost of attending such a facility for this length of time can be very expensive.
It is still in the early stages of testing, so there aren’t large amounts of data to use for verification with a drug treatment center. However, with a quality program there is no reason why it can’t work. We find this provider to be a reliable, and highly regarded option.For those that have other issues, introducing ways to deal with them in the drug rehab program also helps them to cope on numerous levels.
For example, someone that uses drugs for chronic pain needs to find new pain control methods so that they don’t go back to using drugs. It isn’t fair for them to just suffer with that level of pain day after day either. For those with mental health needs, the use of counseling and daily medications may be necessary.
Many of these programs also include education and life skills training. They strive to help the person be able to take care of their own needs when they go back into society. They need to stay away from drugs and they will have help through outpatient programs. A year of time to get clean can mean many more years that are healthy and happy instead of a downward spiral.