Questions to ask your Oxford Valley Body Shop

Questions to Ask about Oxford Valley Auto Body Repairs
Before you agree to have a particular auto body shop complete repairs for you, there are plenty of questions you need to ask. You want your vehicle to look nice and to be done professionally. Don’t settle for anything less!
Itemized Estimate
You should be able to take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop in Oxford Valley and ask for a free estimate. They can provide you with a written statement about the repairs that are necessary as well as the cost. They should provide you with a breakdown of those costs. This allows you to see what they are charging for the parts, materials, and what they are charging for the labor to complete the work.
An estimate is never an obligation on your end to work with the company. Don’t let them pressure you into giving them your business. Be polite and thank them for the time to get an estimate and let them know you will be in touch.
Insurance Accepted?
If you have insurance coverage that will be involved with paying for the cost of those repairs, let the auto body company near Oxford Valley know. Most of them work very well with insurance companies but not all of them do. You don’t need to have any hassles arise due to being caught up in the middle of all of that.
If the Oxford Valley auto body shop won’t work with insurance, you need to find out why. You can still work with them, but you will likely end up footing the bill on your own. Very few insurance companies these days are willing to write a check directly to the individual. They want to make sure the work actually does get completed.
Find out how long it is going to take for the Oxford Valley auto body shop to get your vehicle repaired. That amount of time can vary from one location to the next. If you need your car back in a hurry, then you need to find a provider that can get it started right away and completed within a couple of days. If you don’t need it immediately, working with a provider that needs more time but charges less can be a smart choice.
How Long in Business
Longevity goes along way with this type of business. After all, if the Oxford Valley auto body shop isn’t doing a terrific job, they would stop getting business. Find out how long they have been in the business. You may find that this information helps you to make your final decision. Don’t automatically rule out new businesses though. They can offer some fresh approaches and really be working hard to make a name for themselves too.
Review BBB
Always take your time to review the business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) before you work with them. If the auto body shop has tons of complaints against them, it doesn’t make sense that you would want to work with them. If they have a high rating, then it can give you peace of mind that they are an honest business to work with.