Use a Wilkes Barre DUI Lawyer for Success

There is a significant difference between a legal case and a case in Wilkes Barre. Someone can be found not guilty or they can accept a plea bargain with a criminal case. Yet they can also be taken to court again through a civil case and be found guilty. Not all issues are tried in a criminal court but that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue them in a court in Wilkes Barre.

With a case, you are attempting to hold the other party accountable for wrongdoing. It may have been intentional or it may have been due to negligence. Your Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer will strive to show the other party didn’t do something they should have or they took part in an action that caused you harm. The harm can be physical, emotional, or both.

Many DUI lawyers help people to get claims in motion after a fall, a vehicle accident, or after they have been the victim of an assault. It all depends on the circumstances in Wilkes Barre. Sometimes, these case are due to issues such as a neighbor’s dog biting you or them not paying for their part of the fence you both agreed to put up.

You can file a claim on your own, but the paperwork can be a nightmare. There are plenty of legal terms involved with all of it. By hiring a Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer, you have an expert to help you go through all of it. They know what documents need to be attached, and so much more. The other party or parties have to be served about the suit claims.

They will have a certain amount of time to ask for more information, to file a rebuttal, or to accept the claims and pay the amount specified. If they don’t agree with the suit, a hearing date will be scheduled for all parties to attend. The judge will listen to the information presented and make a decision with your DUI lawyer.

Your Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer can help you to decide how much money to ask for with any given civil suit. They can also represent you if the case does go to trial. Often, the other parties involved don’t want to go to court. If they feel they were at fault as you claim, they will pay the funds and you never have to go to court with your DUI lawyer. Yet there is no way to know until you go through the paperwork and they have been served. If they don’t respond at all in the allotted timeframe, the judge may rule in your favor by default.

When you hire a Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer to represent you for a claim, you typically don’t have to pay them anything to get started. However, you will need to sign an agreement that says you will allow them to take a certain percentage off the top of any settlement you are awarded in Wilkes Barre. They will be paid first before you see any of the funds. If you don’t win the case, you don’t owe them anything so that is encouraging.